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Conduct & Expectations 

Respect, Discipline and Common Courtesy are cardinal values upheld and expected of every individual whom passes through our doors. Every Student, Guest, Visitor, Parent and Child, will be treated with Respect and Common Courtesy, therefore we expect each guest, visitor, student, parent and child to adhere to the following standards, at minimum;


Lobby Guest:


  • Friends and Guest are always welcome to join us  in the lobby or on the mats. Please take the time to make introductions with the instructors prior to the start of scheduled class times.

  • Please remain quite during scheduled class times. Interruptions to course or curriculum are not acceptable or model behavior.

  • "Sideline" coaching and negative commentary from lobby guest will not be tolerated. Please consider this reference a premature caution. No Exceptions.

  • Only current students are allowed past the lobby and into the mat room during the course of a scheduled class.

  • Children not participating in a scheduled class must be supervised at all times and kept out of the mat room. No exceptions.

  • Do not eat food or consume beverages, other than water (of course) in our dojo.

  • Please set cell phones on silent at all times in the dojo. Please take phone calls outside

  • Do not bring or leave trash in our dojo.




  • Try to arrive to classes prepared to train, 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled class start times in appropriate uniform/attire and with proper equipment;

    • A reusable water bottle is considered part of the uniform,

    • Slip on footwear (flip flops, slides, slippers, crocs, etc.) are highly suggested article of equipment,

    • Students arriving late shall wait mat side until acknowledged by an instructor prior to participating in a scheduled class,

  • Always acknowledge the Instructor/s and teammates by going around and introducing yourself and shaking hands.

  • Shoes/sandals/flip-flops are required to be worn when transiting to and from the mat room to any other location (within or outside of the building). 

    • Students discovered to be barefoot in the restroom will not be admitted to participate in the remainder of the scheduled class time. No Exceptions.

  • Only water in a reusable container is allowed in the mat room. 

  • Do not disrupt or interfere when the instructors are demonstrating techniques or coaching another student. 

    • Sit or stand in a respectful manner during class.

    • Do not walk in front of teammates while the instructors are demonstrating techniques. 

  • If you are required to leave class early, notify the instructors prior to scheduled class start time or before you leave the mat area .

  • Disrespect towards teammates, the dojo, the coaches or to self is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.

  • Derogatory language intended to be malicious, inappropriate, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, sexist or deliberately violating will result in permanent expulsion from our Academy. No Exceptions.

Hygiene & Uniform:


  • Students displaying symptoms of sickness or flu such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose etc., should not train and instead take the day to rest and get well. Instructors shall make final decision on athletes’ inclusion in the scheduled start times.

  • Open cuts/wounds or abrasion should be appropriately bandaged so as not to come loose during class. 

  • Fingernails and Toenails are to be kept short and clean of dirt and debris.

  • Long hair is to be tied up above the neckline in a manner or fashion that will not come loose during the duration of the scheduled class or open mat.

  • No jewelry is to be worn on the face, ears, neck, hands, fingers, feet, toes or any exposed area of the body, - not covered by Gi or Rashguard - during scheduled class times.

  • Gi's are to be clean and odorless.

    • Participation in multiple classes requires a clean and odorless Gi for each class. No Exceptions.

  • Rashguards (or "athletic type shirt" equivalent) are required to be worn under the Gi, by all persons (sleeve length is irrelevant). No Exceptions.

  • No-Gi apparel must cover the entire chest from neckline to waistline, below the naval (belly button). 

    • No part of the chest, belly or back may be exposed outside the privacy of the restrooms or dressing area. No Exceptions.

    • No-Gi lower body apparel must cover the entire hip and thigh region from waistline to just above the knee, as a minimum. 

    • Clothing intended for use as underwear or to be worn under top layers (such as "Long Johns") are not acceptable as No-Gi apparel.


  • Gi's are to be kept on and belt's tied during scheduled class times.

    • No area of the body, not covered by uniform, is to be exposed outside of the restrooms.

  • Appropriate uniform attire must be worn for the scheduled class being participated in.

    • E.g. A clean Gi for Gi classes, approved attire for No-Gi classes, etc.



Safety is our number one priority. 

The purpose of our “Conduct and Expectations” is to establish a minimum standard requirement, for every person, to promote attentive practice and correct application of the techniques and exercises being taught. Correct and attentive practice leads to controlled and effective execution. Thus, reducing the margin for error and accident. We will impress the importance of adherence to our Conduct & Expectations to ensure the safety of EVERY STUDENT. No one student is more important than another.


Your inclusion to our program is highly dependent on your behavior and effort; every time you enter into our school and step onto our mats.


Thank You for your understanding and cooperation,


Welcome to Wakizashi Jiu Jitsu,



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